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Game Rental
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • I agree to pay in full before or on the day of receipt of game(s)

  • I agree to return game(s) in the same condition that it was rented to me. (With all pieces, parts bagged etc.).

  • I am responsible for reporting any missing or damaged parts when I receive a game.

  • I will return the game(s) no later than the day it is due.

  • If I do not return the game(s) before or on the due date, I agree to pay late fees of $25 per day per game.

  • If a game(s) is lost, stolen, or damaged while in my possession, I will accept full responsibility for the game(s) and components and agree to reimburse Epulari for the full cost of replacing games and components. If the exact game(s) is no longer in print, Epulari reserves the right to charge the replacement cost to obtain the game from the secondary market.

Damage includes but is not limited to: 

  • defacing by use of graffiti or any other permanent or semi-permanent markings;

  • deshaping by bending, cracking, breaking, kinking, or other means; 

  • damage or soiling by exposure to water or any other liquid

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